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About Us

About LCHRM Education

Discover more than just opportunities.

LCHRM Education is where your potential will get discovered. It’s an institute that has you in the cynosure, alongside the on-the-job needs of the corporate world. In other words, the effort here is to bridge the gap between the real needs and your existing skill set. The courses and curriculum are designed to give you hands-on exposure to situations you may encounter when you step into the real-world environment. The emphasis is to groom your personality so that your first step becomes the best step.

Set in the heartland of Illford, the campus you’ll feel, is more like a place you would want to spend the most crucial years of your life. It’s an environment that stimulates learning, with like-minded individuals for company. Whether you are a native or an overseas student, the courses will have you ready for your first job.

At LCHRM, students belong to an ambience that fosters skill development, and are encouraged to pursue anything they feel that can add to their portfolio of talent. What’s best is every student has access to individual attention, backed by a group of student counsellors, accommodation officers, academic and administrative staff to guide them.