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Financial regulations

Refunds & Costs

LCHRM believes it has a very fair policy on refunds. You will receive refund as follows if you fail to join the College once you have been admitted. It has some significant and very important exceptions. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT IN FULL!

Administrative Fees:

  • If you have applied directly to LCHRM Education you will receive a full refund MINUS the administration cost of £300.
  • If however, you receive a student visa but subsequently DO NOT join LCHRM Education, you will lose ALL fees paid
  • In the event of any deception or failure to disclose required information including forged documents, (specifically but not limited to Passports, ID Documents, Bank Statements, etc) .NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED! -NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • Reproduction of Admission Documents: 
  • The first set of Admission Documents is included in the Administrative Fee. If you wish to re-apply for a visa or want a fresh set of documents, an additional charge of £130 will be payable.
  • Accommodation and Transport Deposit:
  • Accommodation costs are explained below. You must pay the airport pick-up charge of £75 (and an additional waiting charge if your flight is delayed). If you order the service and do not cancel it in writing at least 48 hours, (2 working days at least Saturday’s and Sunday’s DO NOT count) before your arrival in the UK then this charge WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
  • Other Costs: 
  • You will know of the additional costs in advance such as optional express delivery etc. You have been offered a programme with based on the details provided by you. The College therefore reserves the right to offer you a similar alternative programme based on a thorough re-examination of your original documents, economy and feasibility of running the programme and any external or unforeseen circumstances. 
  • We may also cancel your admission at any time IF it appears that the documents we received from you were fraudulent or otherwise incorrect. By paying the Minimum Tuition Fee you are confirming to us that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.
  • A prospective student MUST advise the Registrar of any prior problems with UK Immigration Law), which might impact their eligibility to take a course of study with LCHRM, especially (but not exclusive to) any ban on entry or study visas and if such a ban exists advise exactly how long it will be in place. Failure to fully declare any such issues prior to paying the required fees will be considered Deception and treated as such with the loss of all fees with NO REFUNDS CONSIDERED!!