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Student responsibilities

  • Applicants must follow the College’s admission process as described on our website. All applications must be accompanied by evidence of employment, position held and duties must be supplied. Overseas students must also provide all the information listed on the application form checklist, including evidence of their financial ability to pay the course fees and UK living expenses (£9600 pa), in the line with UK Border Agency’s (UKBA) requirements can be seen on their website (http://www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk). Documents provided must be originals. Where the original documents cannot be sent, notarized copies or copies attested by the issuing authority acceptable. The documentation required must be clear, legible and where necessary translated into English language by an approved translator
  • Students must arrive in the UK for their studies within the time allowance stated on the College admission letters. Once in the UK, students cannot defer their admission to a later intake, except in extreme situations and if permitted by the UKBA. On arrival in the UK, students will be assessed by the College academic staff for ability to follow their chosen course successfully. The College may require the student to complete an access course or undertake remedial classes before joining their course. Applications for exemptions will be assessed by and granted at the discretion of the staff. Any exemptions granted will be subject to the conditions applying to that exemption. The decisions of the academic staff on access and exemptions are final.
  • Students are required to attend all lectures, take all tests and submit on time, assignments set by their tutors: failure to do so may result in re-sits, which may in turn affect the student’s responsibility to apply for and register with relevant academic or professional bodies where applicable and to enter for any external examinations. Students must comply with the rules and regulations of relevant external bodies. Overseas students must follow a full-time weekday course of atleast 16 hours a week and comply with all other immigration regulations and laws. Students must abide by all College regulations as amended and updated from time to time.
  • Under the College’s Disciplinary Regulations students may be expelled for improper conduct, including the provision of false or forged documentation in their application, or any conduct that interferes with the well-being of other students, staff or the reputation of the College. Students will be required to pay for any damage they cause to the premises and/or property of the College, or property in the care of the College, or their accommodation arranged by the College financial regulations (see below). No refund of fees will be granted to expelled students and they will remain liable for any extant fees and charges.
  • Students must notify the College promptly of any change to their UK address and/or telephone number, and of any reason for absence, such as sickness.