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Why Study in LCHRM

A framework that helps you get there in life.

There’s a lot that differentiates one education institution from another. Primarily, it’s the benchmarks set by the teaching faculty and their ability to push their students to the pedestal of success. Thankfully at LCHRM, there’s a lot more

Top-class education that’s inexpensive

Tuition Fees at LCHRM is lesser by 20%-50% in comparison to other universities. One academic year of college may cost between 4000 and 6,000 UK pounds only, when compared to one academic year of university tuition at 10,000 to 14,000 pounds at other colleges.

Admission is flexible and easier

A unique policy of this college is open enrolment. Overseas students, with or without a high school diploma, are eligible to enroll. Overseas students have the option to finish the last year of their degree program at the college. A few first year credits can also be counted as the first year of college credits. This system is only available in LCHRM Education.

Smaller class size, easier exchange

At LCHRM, the average class strength is as few as 25 to 35 students. Many overseas students opine that attending community college for two years enhances their language skills, helps them get accustomed to the UK educational system and way of life, and allows them to make an easier transition into larger universities to finish the third year.

Supportive learning environment

Overseas students take to the college system quite easily. For most of them, English is their second language. Competing with the British students in the same class in some cases may be disadvantageous. Which is why there are many free support services like tutoring, writing labs, international student clubs, and international student service centers that can help level the playing field.

Wide variety of courses

The core mission of this college is to meet the educational needs of “the student”. Overseas students have a wide variety of subjects and majors they can choose from.

Specialized short-term certificate programs

Often, specialized skills are needed for certain industries such as management, HRM, interior design, real estate management, etc. LCHRM Education is the best place to attend many of these short-term certificate programs to help meet industry demands.

Accredited colleges with quality programs

LCHRM is fully accredited, so credits earned at college are equivalent to university credits.

Easy transfer to top universities

Although we don’t assure transfer into any particular university as such, many courses have articulation agreements with top universities. Many of these universities welcome international students. More and more students have learned that LCHRM Education is the best first step towards quality education.